What Is Urban Modeling?

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Funny I should ask this since it’s so deeply embedded in my household, but that’s another story. The question is, is this really a thriving niche of modeling or just something made up?

If you never heard of urban modeling than more than likely you’re not from an urban area and you’re not black. Urban modeling is supposedly a genre a modeling that’s dedicated to girls of color who would never get a look from the stereotypical mainstream glamour or fashion modeling. It’s for the girls with a lot of tattoos, outrageous shapes, thick bone and it especially caters to girls with large butts.

  • relicia

    it’s real modeling just like anything else

  • jacho

    Personally, I think it can be a bit too sensual. Though many might not admit this. But as a black straight man, those gurls can really turn you on!

  • http://ggurls.com GGurls

    Lol nice post Michelle