Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2

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Monday night’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion Special Part 2 featured Lady Gaga playing a role in the reunion special. Not in person, but still, she tweeted about this show. Lisa Vanderpump, says she fired Kristen to keep the family dynamic intact at SUR in tact. Kristen then says she was very hurt when Lady Gaga Tweeted that Lisa should give her the chop. Yes, Lady Gaga is tweeted about this show. Stassi became angry that Kristen never said anything after cheating on Tom with Jax. She should be just as equally upset with Jax. She used him the entire season to get information about her so called friends, then she used the information against Jax. Jax is definitely not a saint, I believe like everyone else he loves the attention and now his name is ringing in everybody’s ears. He is a jerk and he should have been fired also.

Kristen supposedly wrote a four page letter to Stassi, but never gave it to her. Why would she, Stassi doesn’t care about anyone but herself and I don’t know who died and made her the Queen B. Scheana and Stassi are done, she was never Scheana’s friend anyway.

Kristen went off on Ariana and Tom for holding hands in front of her at the reunion special. I mean they are together now, they were both wrong also for lying the entire season they never made out. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I understand Tom being hurt the most because Jax was supposed to be his bestxfriend, obviously not and Jax has no feelings at all and he could care less. Jax apologizes and hopes he and Tom can smooth things over, we doubt it though.