The Haves and The Haves Not Recap

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Amanda makes a bold move when she sneaks into the professor’s bedroom and taunts him while his family is sleeping. His wife and child are laying beside him when this nut places a gun his mouth. Amazingly though, they didn’t wake up while she was scaring him, I don’t know why he didn’t knock the gun out of her mouth, but then again his family would have waken.

Candace shows up in court and represents Hanna to keep Benny on life support. His biological father decides since he needs a kidney and Benny is on life support he could use his kidney not knowing if he is a match or not. Wow, that’s just like a man coming two days late and a dollar short. I do not like this man, knowing what Hannah is going through watching her son and praying on her knees, he appears as if he was a part of Benny’s life.

Jeffrey decides to stand up to his mother Veronica, but it back fires on him. He meets her at a fancy restaurant with a purple tank top on knowing how his mom would react thanks to Candace always stirring the pot. She gives him a folder full of eligible women to appear at his father’s side while running for Lieutenant Governor. Jeffrey didn’t want to accept it, telling his mom this is who he is. Then walks in Candace and Veronica’s blood boils over. Candace gets involves says a few words and walks out. Veronica gives Jeffrey another folder with his black Mercedes Benz banged up that was involved in the death of a little girl and the reason Benny is on life support. Now, he has to make a choice after meeting a guy at the gay club with Candace, he will appear with a woman or will he go out with guy he just met. Wow, grimiest of all mothers, she really has it in for Jeffrey. She just will not accept him being gay, she will lose him if she doesn’t change her ways.

Candace shows up at Jim’s retirement party, to promote his run for Governor. Of course, Candace lets out an outburst saying Jim is a liar, a cheater and a manipulator. He gets her out the room immediately while Kathryn diffuses the outburst as one of her employers child with a mental state.

Anticipating next weeks episode of “The Have and The Have Nots”