Teen Mom Special with Farrah, Amber and Catelynn

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Being Farrah, Being Catelynn, and Being Amber,teen moms whose pregnancy was aired for the world to see. We learned so much about the girls that we didn’t know just by watching them on television.

Being Farrah: Farrah was probably the most infamous teen mom, she recorded a sex tape with her then boyfriend who sold it to Vivid Entertainment. Now Farrah says she is not a porn star and the first tape was a mistake that shouldn’t have been recorded. If that is the case, why did another porn tape come out this year entitled, “Backdoor?” Not only that, she wrote a sex book and she is now coming out with a toy line. I recognize there is a market for that entertainment, she needs to stop being delusional and own the fact she is a porn star. She just bought a huge house in Texas for her and Sophia, which also has a tanning booth, go figure. That teen mom money and porn tapes must be paying her well. Her parents are now divorced and her dad, Michael, lives in her guest house. Her daughter Sophia attends to a pre-school taught by a British guy named Glenn. Problem, her daugher Sophia still uses a pacifier, despite being almost five at the time of filming and that is crazy. Watching Farrah with her daughter was humiliating, her daughter was hitting her, throwing items, saying no and being belligerent and guess what Farrah had no control of her almost 5 year old daughter. Farrah has had her breasts enlarged, her lips injected with botox and on this episode, at 22 years old she wants to get rid of the crease lines near her mouth. Too much, too soon girl, you look like a hard manly doll that is not cute.

Being Catelyn: Catelynn and Tyler gave up their daughter Carly to a couple that would be able to raise her because at the time they felt they weren’t responsible enough. Together the couple appeared on Couples Therapy where they were engaged and planning their wedding. Tyler was petrified, he really didn’t want to get married and on Cuple Therapy he broke the news to Catelynn who was hurt. You can see her totally dependent on Tyler and he really needed his space. However, they did buy their own house in Michigan, and her teenage sister, Sarah, lives with them. Catelynn and Tyler make their living off speaking engagements, where they talk about adoption and their own experience with it. They were kind of upset because adoptive parents won’t allow them posts photos of Carly on social media. The couple is still close with their adoption counselor, Dawn, who arranges most of their speaking engagements.

Being Amber: Amber has seen her daughter, Leah, three times during the one and a half years that she spent in jail. Amber let MTV film her getting released from prison because she has a good relationship with the network and they were supportive of her while she was incarcerated. She thinks her ex Gary let the fame and money from the show go to his head and her head. She often speaks about the money they received as well as a new townhouse they loved but had to let it go. Amber grandparents allow her to live with them until she gets back on her feet. She wants a hamburger, her brother, mom and nephew to her to Big Boy and awaiting is Amber’s dad. She is thrilled to see him because its been awhile and he brought a smile to her tears. After dinner, her mom calls her ex Gary to see if she can pick up Leah and if she can spend the night with Gary. He doesn’t have a problem with that, however he does have a girlfriend who has a daughter also. When Leah sees her mom, she is so happy. She didn’t want to live her mom’s side and her mom missed her, it was evident in her face. Leah’s 5th birthday was approaching and Leah asked Gary if they could join together with their families for her birthday? He says, “yes”, but he wants to bring his new girlfriend and her daughter. Too soon Gary, she just got released from prison and Amber hasn’t met her. Needless to say, Leah had two birthday parties at five. Wow, if I could be a kid again.