SWV Reunited Finale

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SWV Reunited Finale brings out the B$tch in Coko. This female group was one of the hottest groups in the 90′s. Coko is recording a gospel song, ‘At Your Feet.’ Coko can’t make up her mind if she wants to stay with SWV or sing gospel. She claims her heart is with gospel music and singing the type of songs SWV sings only confuses the fans. She is correct, she needs to decide what she wants to do because these other two ladies, Taj and Leelee are really depending on her.

Lelee and Taj join her in the hotel room where she plays them the song in hopes that it’ll change their mind in allowing her to do both her solo gospel career and focus on SWV. Of course, they do like the track and have a change of heart. But it still doesn’t negate the fact, Coko needs to choose, they said they would support either way, she needs to just be honest and I believe she is using them to make herself known in the gospel world which will revive her solo career.

Still in New York, the group has to meet with their new record label Sony to sign on the dotted line but, it turns out they can’t sign because they are still in contract with Mass Appeal Label. They still owe this label a record and somehow they thought they were out of the contract. How, I don’t know but, Sony executives are really pissed because they had no knowledge of this deal and it makes the record label look incompetent. They need to fix this situation or Sony will walk away.

It’s then time for the ladies to meet with Marcus Siskind of Mass Appeal Entertainment. Marcus from Mass Appeal meets with ladies and explains he is not letting them out of the contract and they still owe a record. The ladies are explaining to him, their fans didn’t know they put out an album last year. I know I didn’t, they were supposed to do marketing and press which is a violation of there contract according to the ladies. Marcus denies there accusations and he is standing firm on his contract that the group signed together. Taj goes hard on Marcus, “We want out!” Marcus manages to control the group, which leaves Lelee to relent with, “The bottom line is we signed the contract.” Now they are worried were where they stand with current manager Jeff Robinson. The ladies make there way over to meet with Jeff. He is definitely dumbfounded by the whole ordeal that he didn’t know any this and he has never worked with clients such them. He still wants to work with them so now they have to handle this situation immediately.

The final stop of the tour is finally here. Upon the group’s arrival in Los Angeles for the show at the Greek Theatre, Coko meets with road manger Cory, and says she changed her mind and doesn’t want to record another album with Marcus’ record label, which by default means she doesn’t want to continue with SWV. Cory reads her the riot act explaining she can’t just leave the other girls out in the cold, these ladies depend on her and this is the perfect comeback time because there fans are loyal.

SWV make it to the stage of the Greek for their last show on the tour. The girls are amped and play a great set to an engaging crowd. After the show is over, the dressing room is packed with people and Coko kicks everyone out to talk about “SWV” things with the group. Upon dropping the news that she doesn’t want to record another album because Mass Appeal is still involved, it’s every man for themselves. “We could be sued!” Taj screams. Lelee then accuses Coko of being on medication and repeating how they broke up the last time. Clearly the other two ladies are hurt, they have left there families to do this comeback tour and what was is for? For them to just tour a couple of states and that’s it, this is Leelee’s livelihood she doesn’t have a husband like Taj and Coko so I do feel the most for Leelee. Her story is heartbreaking and I’m praying they can all come together.

Coko is using this Mass Appeal situation as a way to validate her decision to continue with singing gospel. She claims if they can record without Marcus or his label she may consider staying in the group.. Once again, we end an episode with a fight, except like Lelee points out, this fight felt different. We’re left with more questions than we were coming in. What’s next for SWV and are they coming back for another season.