Single Ladies

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On last night’s episode of Single Ladies Raquel and Terrence clash while working together. Racquel was into Terrance and he was definitely into her. I love the clothes Racquel wears. She reminds me of a beautiful doll with those gorgeous dresses. I am hoping for a love affair between she and Terrance, I love there chemistry and he’s not too shabby in the looks department. The women on this show can definitely dress there butts off, from the clothes to the shoes, jewelry and hairstyles.

April, hoped to score points with Felicia, introduced her to everyone at Indulgence. April finally stood up for herself in this episode and I must say Felicia respected it. The Glam Walk fashion show was a show stopper with Future as the M.C. I must say I didn’t understand a word Future was rapping about, but the show itself was awesome.

Malcolm and Keisha continued to deal with Sean as he looked for holes in their armor. I knew something went on with Malcolm and his fathers wife Naomi. I still don’t know exactly but it will come out sooner than later. You feel worry Malcolm has regarding his father’s business dealings, it’s written all over his face. Malcolm’s lawyer informs him that if he doesn’t hand over his company’s financial records he will be held in contempt of court. Sean wants Malcolm bad and he will do anything to break up Keisha’s relationship and have Malcolm arrested. Malcolm is up tossing and turning, stressing the money laundering charges he may be facing. He tells Keisha, “There is a storm coming,” and he “doesn’t want to ride it out alone.”

This episode was filled with the usual Single Ladies drama and you don’t want to miss an episode. This season is refreshing and it keeps you wanting more.

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