Single Ladies Recap

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Terrence is jealous because of a potential investor interested in Raquel. Raquel and Terrance have feelings for each other but they are both apprehensive about going forward. I wish they would already, I love there chemistry and I hope this mystery man Deacon doesn’t prohibit them from being together.

The new vixen to the show, Naomi admitted to finding evidence about Malcolm’s jewelry business being dirty. Naomi claimed to have proof of Franks Jewelry being involved in money laundering, causing a raid on Malcolm’s office. She’s playing dirty, she plans on using the evidence to get Malcolm to give her a share of the company. She ends up in bed with her attorney Sean, who was once a love interest with Keyshia. He still has feelings for Keyshia but he knows he doesn’t have a chance with Malcolm around.

Elsewhere, Omar is accepts a position with Feleicia as her stylist but it’s hard for him to let Indulgence go. Raquel finally tells him, she this covered. Meanwhile, Keyshia notices Terrance getting inside a black Escalade with someone from their past, Deacon. She approaches Malcolm with this information concerning her friend Raquel.

Malcolm and Deacon meet, they go a long way, history. We can’t wait to see where this goes. Always loving there clothes.