Shay Johnson vs Adiz Bambi

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Shay Johnson vs. Adiz Bambi Benson, it appears Shay is still in love with Scrappy and she is the only one fighting over him because Bambi is clear in her relationship with Scrappy. Why is Shay still fighting for Scrappy and why is she still hanging out with Momma Dee?

According to a reliable source, one of Joseline’s good friends got into an argument with Shay Johnson, at which point Momma Dee stepped in to sort things out. This led to the exchange becoming even more heated; Joseline’s friend then allegedly swung on Shay, who allegedly defended herself. At that point, things got physical. The crowd heard several loud pops and says Momma Dee was struck in the jaw. Also, a thrown bottle split Joseline’s friend’s head wide open.

Security moved to break up the fight and Lil Scrappy jumped down from the stage to make sure Momma Dee and Shay were safe.

Aside from the fight, the party was a great time had by all.

Love and Hip Hop ATL isn’t currently on the air but the drama in the A has not stopped. Scrappy and Shay seem to still be at it, and Shay is staying true to her side chick DNA and taking shots at Scrappy’s current main girl Bambi from Bad Girls Club.

Two weeks ago, Lil Scrappy celebrated his 30th birthday at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. A week later his side chick Shay posted pics of herself at the party with Scrappy along with a not so subtle dig at Scrappy’s main chick Bambi.

The question of the day; Shay vs Bambi, who do you see Scrappy with? He is lucky any women want to be with him because he still claims to be immature and not ready to settle down. Scrappy loves the attention he is getting and that’s why Shay is still hanging on. Eventually, Shay will get her man back.