Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap

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Shahs of Sunset Reunion with Andy Cohen was filled with animosity, humor and the truth. Reza was his dapper self, Mike looked exceptionally nice, Gigi is always gorgeous, Asa I just don’t like her style but her personality is real, Lilly reminds me of a fake Barbie Doll and M.J. too much plastic surgery. This season of Shahs of Sunset was filled with, drama, fights, labeling, backstabbing, forgiving and making up.

Bad blood started with Mike and Reza at a gay club when he outrageously called a guy the “F” word which embarrassed and insulted Mike. Reza and Mike have been friends for years and that coming out of Reza’s mouth was definitely surprising considering the fact Reza is gay himself. That feud almost killed there relationship, Mike left his job in commercial real estate to join Reza as business partners in the world of residential realty. However, Mike felt Reza wasn’t taking him under his wing as promised, and simply left him out to dry. Mike began to drink and every time he saw Reza he saw blood. On the of the Shahs of Sunset Reunion Mike says, “I love Reza. I just don’t like how he’s a backstabber at times. That’s what hurts me … I still love him like a brother, but he’s just such an a**hole.”

Gigi and M.J. had major shade toward each other. M.J. was wrong for telling GiGi’s boyfriend at the time that GiGi was kissing another man and she was supposed to be GiGi’s friend. I don’t know why it took almost the whole season for M.J. to realize how wrong she was. Of course GiGi was pissed off every time she saw M.J. Then for M.J. to call Gigi’s parents and go hard in the paint about there daughter was the 2nd wrong and that was cause for an a$$ beat. We all know M.J. has issues with her mom and maybe that’s why she called GiGi’s parents to stir up trouble between them. And to also make friends with GiGi’s sister after all the sh$t she has done, GiGi’s sister was wrong for even being her friend. I know she was trying to sell her house, but she could have had another realtor list her house. I don’t think GiGi will ever trust M.J. again, they made up but I don’t think its real. We love Gigi and can’t wait to see her next season.

Reza, Asa, M.J. and Mike visited Turkey and it was an experience because Turkey still believes in the old way of life. Women are on the back burner which bothered Asa but she had to respect it. It was nice to see her mom and family get together in Turkey, the look on their faces were priceless.

Reza got engaged this year to his boy toy Adam on his 40th birthday. No one expected that, but like I always say, too each is own.