Real World Explosion Recap

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The exes have settled in to the house and it has had it’s ups and downs. Cory’s ex, Lauren still has feelings for him and he has pretty much ended anything with Jenny. Cory says it wasn’t an issue because they have always been “friends with benefits.” We’re not to to sure if Cory even wants to be with Lauren again, right now she is in the house and she is someone he can have sex with. If he really cared about her, he wouldn’t have slept with Jenny the first week they were there were in the house. Now Lauren has taken a pregnancy test and its positive, but how do we know its Cory’s. Who has she been sleeping with before she got to the house? Hell he had already slept with Jenny? Wow…I guess we have to wait until next week.

Jenny claims she still wants to be with her ex Brian, who reminds her of Cory. I think Jenny is just like Cory, its easier for her to have sex with him. He seems to be more laid back, while she is starving for attention. Jenny’s wild behavior had her playing with a knife directing it towards Brian, something is not right with that girl. Brian seems to be more laid back, while she is starving for attention. I don’t now how this couple is going to end.

Tom is in a relationship with Jamie but it is hard because his first love Hailey has moved in so now he is torn. Tom is confused and he should not be in a relationship with Jamie. He even broke up with Jamie at the park and she couldn’t understand it, she was crushed and hurt. He moved to fast with her, but when she starting flirting with other guys it bothered him. I wonder if Hailey started flirting with other guys, would he have the same feelings? They are complete opposites and she has way too much drama going on with her. She reminds me of a stalker and he can’t see that. I don’t know what he plans on doing with ex Hailey, but she is still in love with Tom and I know he has feelings for her.