Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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On last nights episod the ladies plan for Gigi’s birthday party and going away party with Yolanda Foster and ex-husband Mohammed at his home. Kyle and Joyce decide not to invite Carlton on their Puerto Rico trip, especially after Kyle reveals how she received strange, spooky words on her computer and Carlton cancelled Kyle from attending her husbands party but still invited Mauricio. Carlton has it in for Kyle and we are still trying to figure out why. Joyce has had her own run in with Carlton, regarding her Wicca but Carlton says would never use Wicca to attack someone. Kyle and Joyce decide not to invite Carlton on the trip to Puerto Rico, they have had an uneasy truth about Carlton.

Brandi tries to avoid Lisa at Gigi’s going away party. Brandi has gotten closer to Kim and Kyle lately because of Lisa. They seem to believe Liaa is starting everything that is wrong with the ladies. Lisa has aggravated plenty of times in the past and she’s gotten called out for it and the problem with Lisa is that she’s inconsiderate. She’s all too willing to stir up drama no matter what the occasion is. Brandi is only now realizing how much of a friend Lisa truly was to her. Like with the Scheana situation, Scheana cheated with Brandi’s husband while she was pregnant and yet Lisa always had her around to serve her dinner parties knowing Brandi would be there. I know its about business for Lisa, but if Brandi was a real friend she wouldn’t have Scheana around her. This is a sore subject for Brandi, she is still hurt by the whole situation.

Even Yolanda thinks Lisa is wrong and she is normally the peacemaker. She’s noticed how Lisa has been acting strangely and doesn’t like it either. Although she did think that Lisa would table her bad manners for her daughter, Gigi’s, going away party, however Lisa didn’t and tried to cause trouble

between the ladies. There were already problems with both Kyle and Carlton being on the guest list.

Kyle and Carlton did their best to ignore each other at the party. Carlton at one point did everything possible to not even sit by her, that’s how bad things are until Kyle asked Brandi to pass along a ring to Carlton from her. The ring goes with the necklace she gave Carlton a few weeks ago and she wanted to hopefully make peace with adding the ring. Carlton was on the fence about accepting the ring when Lisa interjected and said, “the ring is blue and the necklace was gold right?” Which finally pushed Carlton into not taking the ring. Then Lisa wanted Carlton to hand deliver it back to Kyle and she said that would be the right thing to do and Carlton chose not to. She gave the ring back to Brandi who relayed the whole story including the bit about what Lisa said about the ring. Both of them are angry at Lisa for stirring up trouble but no one is angrier than Yolanda.

When Lisa kept pushing for a confrontation, Yolanda came right out and asked her to stop. She said don’t do this at Gigi’s party. All the while in the back of her mind it’s now Brandi that’s starting something. Why did Brandi have to tell Kyle she said something like that?he drama could have escalated if no one had heard what happened to Joyce. Joyce had to cancel on Gigi’s party but no one knew why. It’s only later that everyone learned her father passed away. They all feel incredible sorry for her and hope she’s doing well. Joyce is dealing with her grief in her own way and wants to go through with her plans to Puerto Rico.