Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Recapping last nights episode of the RHOA, picks up right where the last one left off, post-“Brawl on a Bean Bag Chair,” “Round Two, and this time with feeling.” Everyone has different cast members on this show that they can or cannot stand, no matter what. For me, this episode was particularly hard to swallow because, while everyone and I mean everyone was in the wrong, some of my normal favorites were most wrong. With that being said, Kandi surprised me the most. The anger she let out was due to everyone speaking negatively about Todd and anger towards her mother. I have never seen Kandi get that crunked before, but like Nene always says, “you don’t mess with her man, her mama or her food.” She let it be known last night, while Todd was trying to smooth everything over.

As Peter and Phaedra attempt to get Apollo out, Nene begins screaming at her pajama party guests that they are all “freaking” adults. “This is about asking questions and answering them!” Is that what it’s about? Because last week it kind of seemed like it was about bringing up everyone’s marital problems in front of a bunch of other people, but maybe this is really just a simple game. She definitely had words for Kenya; Kenya felt as though she had no blame in this situation when clearly she did. Yes Nene provoked this by starting the Kenya and Christopher fight, Kenya approaching his wife Natalie, that’s a no no, he was right to stop her from verbally attacking her.

Porsha, somehow the only sane person at this event, knows a room full of demons when she sees it, and tells Nene she can keep her “hoodrat sh—,” she’s outta there. Christopher Williams, wants to take this brief break in violence to talk about why he and his wife were upset with Kenya, her making accusations about their marriage. But Kandi’s not really trying to hear that, because she recently heard some things Natalie said about Todd and they seem to be along the same accusatory lines. Natalie insists that she never called Todd an opportunist and repeats most of what she originally told Cynthia and Peter about Todd’s former relationship with her best friend. Kandi still wonders, though, why the message she’s been receiving is that Natalie implied Todd was an opportunist.

I am glad the men were able to work out there issues, for a minute though I thought it was going down between Todd and Peter, but they worked it out. Brandon, Kenya’s friend walked in her house like an old man with superficial bruises. Yes, Apollo was wrong for beating him like that. I believe Apollo used that rage on Brandon because of Kenya. Something went down between those two and we all know sooner or later it will come out. I am glad Brandon decided not to press charges against Apollo because we all know he has other charges he has to fight.

I applaud Knadi’s effort to get the women together at the spa and apologize for her actions. She realized she was a little hood and went off the wall. However, Kenya takes no responsibility in her actions when the other women did. Not to sure what is going on in her head, but she needs to be checked and Nene checked her last night. Kenya is angry with Nene blaming her for the entire night, but they were all wrong except for Chuck and Mynique. We forgot they were there. Anticipating

next weeks episode when Nene and Peter have words and we know Peter is gangsta.