Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

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On last nights episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” still upset from Peter and NeNe’s argument at Kenya’s masquerade ball, Cynthia is worried about her husband’s Peter’s conflict with Nene. Will it have repercussions on their friendship? With his surprise birthday party ahead, Cynthia is not sure if NeNe will be a no show. She has reached out to Nene and Greg inviting them both to Peter surprise birthday party. She says her and Peter had words in the car about his involvement with her friend. She told Peter he shouldn’t meddle in their business, and that is correct. Cynthia and Nene can look past this as friends, but as far as Peter not to sure. Stay out of women business.

Kenya wants answers from Marlo after NeNe’s over the top attitude at her charity event, and decides to confront NeNe about her actions. Kenya continues to kiss Nene’s a$$ and it’s definitely not working. Nene herself, is still upset about the charity event, then she appears for Peter’s surprise Birthday party and in walks Marlo and Kenya. Her lips did get a little pouty, Nene is territorial when it comes to her girl friends and Marlo knows that. I believe Marlo is looking for a more permanent role on the reality show, but I don’t know if Nene would like that.

Porsha prepares for her role in Kandi’s musical, NeNe offers her acting tips and also begins to question Kenya and Marlo’s new friendship. Porscha is wondering to herself why, all of a sudden Nene is saying Marlo is an opportunist? She never felt that way before, but she can’t concern herself with that non-sense she needs to get her character, Jade together for the play.

Cynthia decides to get everyone together for the first ever Bailey Ball which consists of teams and a lot of different activities. They get off without a hitch for the first activity. Boom, in walks Marlo, she is playing on Kenya’s team. Marlo was kind of surprised that Nene didn’t ask her, but she kept it moving. Then, in walks Kandi’s team, team full of fitness trainers, WWWE and Olympians, Kandi wasn’t playing with them. As the group transferred outside for the outdoor activity, Marlo approaches Nene about Kenya. That was it, Nene was ready to go, she wasn’t going to entertain Marlo with non-sense. Marlo began screaming obscenities about Nene, name calling in front of everybody. Marlo was wrong to go there, calling that woman a B$TCH, then she starts crying fake tears while Kenya holds her. Now when did these two become bff’s? Confused, I didn’t like what Marlo did and I was glad to see Nene walk away. A few years ago, Nene would have gone ham.

Kenya decides to invite the ladies to a couples trip “do over” in Mexico. Now if they couldn’t get along in Savannah, GA, or the Pillow Talk Party, how the he$$ are they going to get along in Mexico City? The producers had to place extra money in Nene’s wallet and in Kandi’s, as well as Phaedra’s. I definitely can’t wait until the next episode because I know drama will ensue all over Mexico City.