Real Housewives of Atlanta Re-Cap

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Last night’s episode of RHOA starts off with a bang. Kandi’s mom has done it again. Somehow a friend of Kandi’s mom is the person who has been spreading the rumors about Todd and Carmon. While Kandi is exercising Carmon enters the room and Kandi wants her to join in. However, Carmon is so upset because of what just transpired. Kandi asks her what’s wrong and she proceeds to tell her, a friend of Mama Joyce named Benny is who the person spreading the rumors. Carmon called the friend and threatened to beat that a$$. Well, once Carmon did that of course, Mama Joyce calls and completely goes ham. Carmon played the voicemail for Kandi to hear and wow, words I didn’t think a mama would say came from Mama Joyce. Kandi did’t appear to be really upset by this, I guess because she has been through this with her mom before. Carmon lets out another rumor, supposedly Mama Joyce asked this friend Benny to set up Todd and she would pay him if he could get proof by taking pictures. Now, Mama Joye has crossed a line that should never be crossed. Kandi was in disbelief, she was upset but I still don’t think she really believed that rumor. Carmon ask Kandi if she is going to tell Todd, she didn’t want to but she knows she has to. Kandi ends up revealing the rumors to Todd, he asked Carmon to come and talk with them too,. They both go in on Kandi because she is allowing her mom to ruin relationships and Todd tells Kandi its only so much he can take before he walks. Oh now we see the crocodile tears, but at the same time she is saying no matter what that’s her mama and no one is going to disrespect her. However, Todd suggested counseling and Carmon agreed so that Kandi can deal with her mom. Something tells me this saga is not over and if Kandi doesn’t put her mom in her place, Todd will walk away with Carmon.

Kenya decides to kiss Nene’s a$$ in some weird sort of way by having a Bachelors auction for one on Nene favorite charities, “Saving our Daughters” and she held the auditions at the Bailey Agency. However, Nene has no idea this is going on. In walks Kenya into the Bailey Agency, Cynthia and Malorie are there trying to get an understanding of this audition. Surprising though end walks Marlo Hampton, no one knew they were BFF’S. Cynthia was surprised to see Marlo but she was there as a judge to help Kenya choose 10 eligible bachelors. The weirdest thing, they were patting each others hair and licking eyebrows. Cynthia and Mal were wondering how they even became close. Only six men appeared for the audition and maybe one was a match. Marlo and Kenya both go to Miss Lawrence to get there hair done and they both agree that when they first met Nene they looked up to her like a big sister as “a point of respect” because she’s “older,” but that’s changing now. But why does Kenya want to have a a masquerade ball for charity and to honor Nene? Kenya claims she is going to kill Nene with kindness but, we all know that is not how Nene operates. Kenya never informed Nene personally about this masquerade for her. We can all agree that Nene received the evite but, if it was in honor of her, Kenya should have called her personally or met with her personally. Nene appeared at the ball only because Cynthia called and begged her and at that time she felt she should come. Of course, Kenya had to go extra with her masquerade, personally I think Kenya just wanted to have this ball for herself and not for the charity. Nene and Greg end up appearing but Nene doesn’t have two words to say to Kenya. She proceeds with the event and calls Nene up to the podium, Nene wasn’t happy and very hesitant about approaching the podium without a speech she was prepared for. Her speech was maybe 20 seconds long and it was a dig at Kenya. Peter was upset, he didn’t like what Nene did and demanded to leave right now. Cynthia didn’t know why, hell it had nothing to do with them. Nene and Greg left too, Kenya was surprised. As Peter is explaining to Cynthia why he was ready to go, Nene over hears. He felt like this was a charity and not the time for petty bull s$it. It got heated between Nene and Peter and why? Really it wasn’t any of his business, this was between Kenya and Nene. If Nene embarrassed herself at the event that’s on her, not Peter. Peter can’t involve himself in everything that goes on with these women.