Orlando Scandrick & Draya Michelle along with Chantel Christie

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Basketball Wives L.A. reality star Draya Michele is going back and forth on Twitter with cast mate Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie regarding Orland Scandrick

who plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

I blame Jackie Christie for this situation, as a mother she should not be involved in her daughter’s life. Her daughter doesn’t even like her mom and for Jackie to inform Draya that her daughter was text messaging Orlando, that should have been Chantel’s call not Jackie. That’s what I mean when I say messy, she is too old to be getting involved in these relationships. These are young women, they may date the same men, but its definitely not her call to make or judge.

As a man, he has obviously made his decision on who he wants to be with and that’s Draya. For the first time in her life we get an opportunity to see her getting inlved with a man and the relationship blossoming but we may not get to see it if Jackie has anything to do with it. Its between Draya, Chantel and Orlando. Not messy a$$ Jackie Christie, she is way too much drama. She has her own business she needs to deal with, let Draya enjoy her man.

Interestingly enough, Draya and Chantel resemble each other, I hate to say it but it’s true. So you already know what type he has by these two women. Also I don’t see any pictures of Orlando with Chantel, so maybe it was just a sexting relationship, not sure but something went on, probably not what Jackie is making it out to be.

Jackie Christie find you some business please.