Nicki Minaj new song “Lookin A$$ N$gga”

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“Lookin Ass N*gga”! By Nicki Minaj

The song will be featured on the 31 year-old entertainer’s upcoming third studio album The Pink Print, as well as the upcoming Young Money album Rise of An Empire, due out in stores on March 11.

Listening to the words to this song is oh so wrong. It’s already bad enough she portrays Barbie, a white doll with blonde hair that wears pink. Black girls all over listen to Nicki Minaj and emulate her. Whether she wants to be a role model or not, because she is in the public eye she is a role model. Its not good look to have little girls looking up to her and the lyrics to this song are so vulgar and just her using the word “N$GGA” takes us back over 400 years where our ancestors fought for our civil rights. Come on now, where is the respect?? Everything is not about a dollar??