Nene Leakes vs. Kenya Moore

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Battle of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene Leakes is boss b$tch on the hit reality show and she is the highest paid cast member. Rumors are flying that Nene threatened to quit the reality show if the producers from Bravo don’t fire Kenya Moore. Now we all know it’s three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. If the producers had a choice, I’m pretty sure they would keep Nene and not Kenya. Nene has been on the show the longest and she is married which makes her a real housewife. On the other hand, Kenya Moore is not a housewife and she is extra…..too extra for this cast of housewives. From day one when she appeared on the show she has had several beefs with the ladies beginning with Phaedra and then Porscha. When the group went to Anguilla that is when the problem began. Kenya flirting with Apollo on that trip and she had no problem indicating what she wanted from him. The text messages back and forth, they were both wrong. As a woman she should have gone to Phaedra and explained the situation but at that time, they were beefing over the exercise video she was supposed to produce for the couple, then she comes out with her own. Conflict of interest, she was definitely wrong for taking there idea and running with it. Then she moved onto Porscha and tried to go in on her Porscha, but that little lady can handle herself and Kenya. She tried to break her, it didn’t work. I guess they have come to a conclusion they will be around each other so they may as well learn to be cordial when they see each other.

I would hate to see Nene leave the show and I would hate to see Kenya stay. Nene has been real since she has been on the show. She doesn’t pull any punches with anyone, what she says she means. Kenya not to sure, she wants attention and because she was Miss America she holds on to that title. Both women are smart and they both know how to make money. Why can’t they just get a long?? It’s enough money out there to make for the both of them. I would like both women to stay because Kenya does bring something new and different to the show, we can always expect something when it comes to her. They have that magic chemistry together. We don’t want Mynique on the show, she is way too boring and Natalie is a liar so we definitely don’t want her.

Nene reached out to Kenya when she appeared on the show in the beginning. We thought they were going to have a lasting friendship, we hate to see that dissolve. But if we had a choice between Nene and Kenya, I’m sorry I choose Nene hands down.

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