Mom’s Got Game

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The best reality show on television today, “Mom’s Got Game.” Pamela & Javele McGee, the cameras showcase the summer in Los Angeles before Javele McGee has to relocate to the Denver Nuggets. Pam McGee is mom to NBA star JaVale McGee, but she’s also the 25 year old’s very shrewd business manager. From advising JaVale on the type of car he should get to combing through his credit card statements, Pam tries to help her son make smart financial decisions with his $44 million NBA contract. With that kind of money, however, JaVale can’t help but occasionally indulge. JaVale McGee, was selected 18th overall by the Washington Wizards in 2008 and presently plays center for the Denver Nuggets.

Former forward Pamela McGee played in the WNBA, in professional overseas leagues, and in the 1984 Olympics. She won two NCAA Championships while playing for the University of Southern California, she won a gold medal with the United States women’s basketball team in 1984. It’s hard to imagine a family more steeped in basketball talent than Texas freshman Imani McGee-Stafford’s. Pamela McGee’s youngest daughter with basketball player Kevin Stafford.

Pam’s assistant, Jay, her manny does everything a personal assitand and friend does plus more. He listens to her when she is upset, he makes her laugh, she accepts him for him no matter his past. I think there chemistry between them but I don’t think Pam would allow that to happen in real life. This show is great because Pam is from Flint, Michigan she made her way to USC and the NBA. She raised her son Javale as a single parent and now he is playing in the NBA. She definitely deserved a gold medal for doing an amazing job with both children. They say a single woman can’t raise a boy from a man, but as you see, she did. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch this show, please go to OWN, last night was the finale, but I’m sure they will be airing reruns. This reality show is worth watching a second and third time. It was hard for Pam to let Javale go because she has been with him all of his life, but she realized she needed to leave for him. It was heart breaking to see her cry and tell her son how much she loved him but, she had to let him go.

Again a show worth watching.