Mob Wives

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Last nights episode of MOB WIVES continues an anxious Alicia awaits Eddie’s sentencing outcome.

On last week’s episode Natalie was having a blowout Halloween party at her funeral home and everyone was invited, including Renee, though Renee was not so sure the invite was sincere. Renee decides to text Natalie stating she wasn’t going to appear at her Halloween party because she felt uneasy and she felt like it was a set up. Drita and Big Ang were so offended, they confronted Renee… with explosive results.

On last night’s episode the day of Eddie’s sentencing has finally arrived and he ends up with a year & half of Federal time & strict probation, now Alicia must await her sentencing.

Natalie and Renee meet for the first time since their fallout in Las Vegas, with explosive results. Renee tells her that she doesn’t want her to do Mob Candy anymore, Natalie tells her she had no intention of doing Mob Candy anymore. Natalie wants to know why Renee said she felt like she was being “set up” when she invited her to the Halloween Party. Renee explains that she didn’t want to walk in to the “lion’s den.” Natalie explains to Renee that she trusted her, and she felt betrayed by Renee for her to treat her the way that she did. Renee tells Natalie she wants to “try to be friends with her.” Renee is annoyed because Natalie thinks she is being “disloyal.” She explains to Natalie that she was never disloyal to her. Natalie brings up the issue with Alicia’s tapes. Renee storms out, she “refuses to talk about it anymore.”

When Drita set up a fancy “ladies lunch” at Le Cirque for everyone to air out their differences, Renee drops out at the last minute. Drita was very upset because she wanted and needed everyone to get the issues off their chest because she & Big Ang are in the middle of it. The next night, Drita tries to get everyone together again at her house for a sit down dinner. With the tension high on all fronts and confrontation in the air, no one knows what to expect.

Right now Renee is in her feelings because she brought these women together and in her eyes she feels like Drita and Big Ang have taken Alicia and Natalie’s side, which is not true. Renee has done some questionable acts and Drita and Big Ang don’t agree. She doesn’t see her actions and the results after, she only cares about her feelings. I applaud Drita for being the bigger person and trying to make amends with these ladies but I believe Renee is back on drugs and she can’t deal with rejection from these ladies. Last night’s episode while sitting at Drita’s kitchen table for dinner, you can see the devil in her eyes. I hope Renee gets a grip because she was one of the favorites.

Alicia on the other hand, she claims to have a blind eye when it comes to her husband Eddie. She pleaded guilty for embezzlement and if she didn’t think she was guilty, why plead guilty? So now she has to await her sentencing and she wants to blame everyone else for her choices in life. Mob Wives this year is a force to be reckoned with.