Mob Wives Recap

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On tonight’s episode of Mob Wives, Drita invited Natalie, Alicia, and Big Ang over along with Renee for dinner. Drita wants to play mediator and finally settle the drama between Renee and the rest of the girls. Drita’s dinner party takes an ugly turn when Renee blames Alicia’s insecurity for their issues. Their peace dinner starts out silent. Renee lets Alicia know that she doesn’t have a problem with her, Alicia has a problem with her friend Carla. Drita steps in and explains that Carla and Renee have been friends for years and have a long history together, and Renee is always going to stick up for Carla. In the end Renee and Alicia “give each other passes” and “chalk it up to a miscommunication.” They eat dessert, and then hug it out. Renee’s beef with the other Mob Wives is officially buried.

Alicia meets up with her friend Tina, and breaks down. She reveals that the bank mailed her a letter and told her they are closing all nine of her bank accounts, now the IRS is coming after her. She still hasn’t told her sons that she may be going to jail soon, and she will be sentenced in just a week. Alicia begins crying and confesses that she is scared. With her sentencing coming up, Alicia begins the stressful process of preparing herself and her young children for the very real possibility that she could go to jail.

The next day Renee gives Alicia a phone call. Renee is fuming, Natalie went on twitter and called Renee a “whore” and said that Renee “sucked married guys d$$s.” Alicia explains to Renee that Natalie is “a big girl” and tells her, she needs to talk Natalie. Renee just gets more upset because she thinks that Alicia is taking Natalie’s side. Now these women just made up at Drita’s house, it makes you wonder if Natalie has really forgiven Renee and maybe she is still holding on to some animosity.

Renee booked a suite in NYC and invited all of her friends for a “sexy pajama party.”

Renee even invited Alicia, but not Natalie. Big Ang and Drita confront Renee and ask her what happened on Twitter. Renee fills them in on what Natalie said to her on Twitter. This time, for once, Renee actually wasn’t in the wrong. Drita and Big Ang agree with Renee, Natalie crossed a line this time. Renee confesses that she wants to hold Natalie’s head “under boiling water.”

Season finale next week, Alicia finds out how much time she gets. Drita and Big Ang confront Natalie on her twitter beef with Renee.