Mob Wives Finale Recap

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Mob Wives: New Blood’s up and coming reality stars Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guerico. On this season of Mob Wives we learned that Alicia is married to Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo, who is currently incarcerated for “cooking the books.” Alicia is also facing embezzlement charges and impatiently waiting for her sentencing to see if she will have to spend some time in prison alongside her husband. She has made it abundantly clear she is innocent and had no idea her husband was in the mob, however her father in law Eddie Garafalo senior was supposedly killed by “Sammy the Bull” and she had no idea her husband’s family was part of the mob? I’m not buying it, she constantly claims that she is not a mob wife, and she isn’t from the mob world. She is just an innocent Philly girl that got caught up in the mob world when she married Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo. It appears Alicia is just playing the innocent role because she is very much involved in the world of organized crime. Her brother Anthony DiMichele was actually arrested the same month as Alicia and her husband for organized crime related charges; criminal attempt, promoting gambling knowingly, extortion, and conspiracy. Anthony was a pot dealer, then when he got caught doing that, he became a low level sports bookie for the Philly Mob and things escalated from there. Last night on the finale, we watched Alicia as she entered the court house and we watched her leave the court, however we have to wait for the reunion to see how much time she received. We wouldn’t want her inside of a jail, not to sure she could handle it, but her children are innocent bystanders. She says she is divorcing her husband because of the wire taps but why wouldn’t she divorce him because she has to maybe to do jail time? Can u say confused.

Renee confesses that she’s writing a sex book, not about her sex life, but a sex book, then plans a release party. At the party for Renee’s book launch, Natalie performs the song “Delicious” for the whole crowd. Natalie decided to turn something bad into something good which we commend her for. Renee also receives information that ex Junior will be released soon and he knows about her going to see a lawyer. She is extremely upset and afraid for her & her son’s life. She feels she needs to take A.J. and disappear.

Big Ang and Neil decide to wait to have there baby because his daughter is pregnant and Big Ang’s son is having a baby at the same time. Now as old as Big Ang is I don’t know why she would entertain the thought of having a baby anyway. Good luck with that.

This season was a very explosive season, the best season yet. Anticipating the reunion

next week.