Joseline Hernandez

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Joselyn Hernandez star on the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Joselyn Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico in Novermber 1986 and raised in Miami Florida. She was a former stripper who up until December 2011 was getting paid from working in night clubs. She began exotic danicing at the age of 15 years old and used fake identifiaction under the name of Shenical Bettencourt. She didn’t have much of a childhood or parents that could take care of; she danced because she needed to survive on the streets of Miami. With no education; Joseline learned knowledge from the streets and the various men she came across at such a young age.

She somehow made her way to Atlanta and began dancing at Diamonds strip club. Stevie J was a regular at Diamonds and they built a relationship outside of the club. Eventually they began dating and the rest is history. Joseline was aware of Mimi from the beginning but Mimi wasn’t her issue she was Stevie J’s issue. As long as Stevie J continued to put money in her pocket she didn’t care what he did behind her back. Joselyn was not originally cast in Love & Hip Hop when production began. During an audition interview with Mimi , she talked about how Joseline and Stevie J were really close but she had doubts about his fidelity. The next day Stevie J was to meet with producers of Love & Hip Hop when they saw him making out with Joseline. Casting Director had informed Mona Scott-Young about the kiss and thats when they brought Joseline in for an interview who claimed she never had sex with Stevie J. Of course Mona Scott-Young didn’t believe Joseline wasn’t sleeping with Stevie J, she was just caught kissing him while his girlfriend was in the other room. Mimi wasn’t happy about Joseline joining the show and that is how she found out the real relationship between her boyfriend and Joseline. Joseline has no qualms about taking Steveie J from Mimi, she feels if Stevie J was really with Mimi then she should have never been able to sleep with him and get money from him.

Joselyn Hernandez net worth is $2 million dollars. She makes $350,000 per season of Love & Hip Hop. She is attempting to release a rap album. She also makes anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 to appear in night clubs across the world since her appearance on Love & Hip Hop. It is rumored she and Stevie J are married. Joseline is about making her money and she has been hustler since moving to the states. We can’t judge her on what she has done, no we don’t like the fact she was sleeping with Stevie J while he was still in a relationship with Mimi but we have to respect her gangster. We can’t wait for the next season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

  • Toni

    You need to learn how to fucking write and spell. Joseline is one bad bitch,who I’d fuck in the booty hole with my 9 inch strap on cock……

  • kim

    she is a hoe and now she is steve j’s hoe. And if her and steve got so much money they wouldn’t have got put out there house!!!

  • kim

    I’m team mimi