Is Tamar as Good as Toni Braxton?

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Tamar is good, you can’t deny she’s broken out in a lot of fame recently. She has several hits and has even won some Grammys. That’s one big accomplishment for any singer/artist. But is Tamar just the recipient of fame because of her sister and wealth? Or is it really hard work that has taken her this far? Now this is not to put her down or anything, but think about this. Toni Braxton was famous and made lots of hits over lots of years, Toni introduced Tamar to her rich record producer/executive song writing husband. It also took Tamar about 20 years before she ever had a hit. If you don’t know, Tamar tried to come out a long time ago in the early 90′s and failed miserably. The only reason people even began to watch the Braxtons was because people were already familiar with Toni.

Tamar may be talented, she may be famous, but let’s face it, anybody could achieve this after 20 years of coaching, a rich husband and an already famous sister. Tamar is not as good as Toni. Tamar owes her whole career and new found fame to Toni.
Toni Braxton

  • rasheeda

    Nah nowhere near as good