Ghostface, Latrice and side chick Kelsey Couples Therapy

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Ghostface dropped some big news on his girlfriend Kelsey last week on Couples Therapy. Or should we say, she’s one of his girlfriends. After Kelsey learned that her man has another woman in his life, her world came apart and she started to withdraw from the therapy process. Since this season of ‘Couples Therapy’ started, there has been speculation that Ghostface Killah isn’t being completely true to his girlfriend, Kelsey. And in this episode, everything unravels when the other woman he’s been creeping around with is revealed.

Ghostface says that discovering Kelsey’s true feelings toward him caught him off-guard because he wasn’t thinking about something that serious to come out of their relationship so quickly. Considering the fact Ghostface said he had love for Kelsey, this sounds like a step back in their relationship. Meanwhile, Kelsey explains that she wasn’t intimate with anyone for a year prior to them dating. So when they had sex, she was “letting him into my temple.” Ghostface is taken aback and doesn’t realize that this is how special it is to her.

He apologizes, but it’s clear there is more that he’s not saying. Dr. Berman and Ghostface later meet one-on-one, and he says that he feels that he doesn’t know Kelsey well enough yet, she’s going too quickly in the relationship. The story takes a turn when Ghostface reveals that there’s another woman, Latrice, who he’s “been getting heavy” with. However, compared to Kelsey, Ghostface admits that he has known Latrice longer, about two years compared to Kelsey. Then he thinks the two should meet so he can finally make a choice of who he really wants to be with. “You understand putting Kelsey in a room with another woman you’re sleeping with will kill her, emotionally speaking,” Dr. Berman informs him. “That will really hurt her.” She tells Ghost that she sees the issues he’s facing right now, she also wants to make sure that Kelsey isn’t hurt. Dr. Berman also finds out that Latrice doesn’t know that Ghostface is in couples therapy with Kelsey, and all she says is, “I would not want to be you right now.”

Later in the episode, Dr. Berman brings both Ghostface and Kelsey in for a private session. This way, Ghost can tell Kelsey he’s been physically and emotionally involved with someone else. Once he tells her, Kelsey is shocked and clearly mad, especially because he wants them all to meet. As Kelsey is about to blow up, Ghostface says that he needs peace of mind, too, and that he wants to know where his heart leads. And while you want to feel for him, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s cheating on two women at the same time.

Back in their bedroom, Ghostface points the finger at Kelsey for forcing him to come here and that this would have never happened if they didn’t participate in couples therapy. He blames her for putting him in a situation where he has to share his feelings with people he doesn’t know. He finally lets it all out, “She should be madder than you because she had me before you,” the rapper reveals.

Kelsey leaves the room, and he follows her to the outdoor lounge area. He’s all smiles, possibly because everything is out in the open right now, but Kelsey isn’t having it. He tries to be affectionate with her and even asks her to get him some apple juice. She angrily obliges and gets it for him — only to throw it in his face. She then storms off and goes into the bedroom while Ghostface is still lounging outside laughing.

Ghostface, Kelsey and Latrice all meet with Dr. Berman on last nights episode. Latrice had no idea Ghost was seeing another woman and she was just as shocked as Kelsey was. Ghost is playing a game with these two women and he shouldn’t have the choice to pick and choose who he wants. They are giving him too much where he gets to decide, someone needs to stand up and walk away. He doesn’t care, he gets to decide, no way he was wrong. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Anticipating next weeks episode when Kelsey and Latrice talk woman to woman.

Per celebrity net worth, Ghostface is worth $17 million dollars and it makes you wonder if these women are putting up with his foul behavior because of the money. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.