George Zimmerman and DMX celebrity boxing match cancelled

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Celebrity boxing match announced earlier this week set to pit George Zimmerman against rapper DMX ‘for charity has been called off, with the promoter saying he would rather make people happy than make money from the fight.

In a series of Tweets on Saturday, which have now been deleted, Damon Feldman, who has been orchestrating the fight, said the decision to cancel was based on the public backlash he received for working with George Zimmerman.

“This was the wrong person to put in the ring and define celebrity boxing thank you,” Damon Feldman Tweeted from his handle, @hollywoodbox11. He felt guilty about what this may do to the Martin family and making money off their loss is not a good look. Kudos to Damon for realizing what he thought may have been a money maker, would definitely hurt others involved including Trayvon Martin and his family.