Duane Wade, Domestic Abuse Allegations from ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade

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Duane Wade accused of domestic abuse by his ex- wife Siohvaughn Wade. Recently filed court documents, accuses the NBA star of being a heartless cheater who used to beat her and infected her with an STD. Duane’s ex, Siohvaughn Wade, made the shocking claim in a series of court documents reported by a reliable source. According to Siohvaughn, Duane revealed a different side to her shortly after they were married on May 18, 2002. She claims when ex-husband became an NBA star his arrogance reached a new high and that’s when he began to beat her. Um, so confused, did she call the police at any point regarding these allegations? She also claims he began to call her derogatory names, throw things at her, hit her, take all of her money. She also claims he kicked her out of the house causing her not to have a place to live as a means of controlling her, and as part of his domestic violence pattern, he would lock her in rooms and not allow her out, threaten to take her sons from away. My question is, why is all of this coming out now? His fiance now Gabrielle Union is reportedly pregnant and now she defames his name by saying he beat her. She is reaching, really reaching and I’m not sure how far she will go. The domestic violence and abuse continued on for several years in supposedly in the family, she claims. I’m not buying it, she needs to move on with her life, he obviously is trying to and the kids will be affected by her shenanigans. Wow, I don’t get why its hard for women to let go when

a man doesn’t want you anymore. It would hurt me more to continue to go after him and to make things up about him to get him to show me attention and he really doesn’t want to. Control yourself chica, have some pride about yourself and move on, if he did beat her, how long ago was that and why didn’t she call the police? I’m not saying its okay for him to hit her, I’m just questioning why she never reported it.

Duane is engaged to a classy woman, Gabrielle Union I am glad she doesn’t dignify a response to these allegations.

What do you think? I guess we have to wait for the outcome from these allegations.