Couples Therapy Recap

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Farrah Abraham has been caught lying about everything from t her porn tape to a “boyfriend” who later said he wasn’t. Farrah’s mother joins the cast to talk about her daughter’s inability to tell the truth. During a tense confrontation on the show, Farrah brought up old bitter feelings about her mother’s lack of caring and the fact that her mom hit her in the past. Farrah has a lot of issues and her mom doesn’t make it better, Farrah’s daughter Sophia will be the innocent one who will catch everything Farrah does past of present. Her daughter will grow up knowing her mom was a porn star, she needs to quit blaming everybody for her mistakes and grow up.

Watching this episode of Couples Therapy really made me mad, Ghostface’s motivation revealed itself, he is on the show because it’s fun to be Ghostface and since he is there he may as well act like he is getting therapy. He really seems to be enjoying himself. Ghostface went on Couples Therapy with Kelsey to work on their relationship, a relationship that really started in only four months ago. Him agreeing to televised therapy with his girlfriend was at least in part motivated by a genuine interest in bettering the relationship. Not only is he not there to really work on his relationship with Kelsey, because he is already in a relationship. I felt Kelsey took two step backwards on last nights episode because she fell into his story about growing up and being in gangs. I’m not so sure she is ready to walk away, I believe she thinks she can somehow salvage this “so called” relationship.

Sada finally opens up about her dad being very abusive to her and her mom. She recalled stories growing up how her dad was one way and could change in a hot second to be this violent monster. Maybe that’s why she is so insecure about her relationships. She has never seen her parents totally happy and together, every time her dad became abusive her mom would pack a bag and they would leave the house and drive around the corner, but then her mom would go back. As a child growing up, if that’s all you see, then that’s all you know. Well her dad

will be appearing on the show to answer the tough questions Dr. Jenn has for him.