Christian Rapper Bizzle cracks on Jay-Z

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Christian rapper Bizzle is speaking out about the Gay Agenda’s alliance with rappers Macklemore and Jay Z. Bizzle, whose real name is Mark Felder, “Same Love ”, his controversial reaction to Macklemore’s gay themed single “Same Love.” “I thought “Same Love” would fall off and disappear once they put out new material, but I saw the media keep trying to breathe life into the record and turning into a ‘gay anthem,’” reporters have claimed Bizzle has said. Bizzle’s views have prompted backlash from young gays who label him a “homophobic Christian rapper.” He said he is speaking for rappers who are afraid to speak their minds in fear of retaliation. He pointed out rappers such as Jay Z who are being used to push the gay agenda. “The biggest one who co-signed gay marriage was Jay Z,” reports claim Bizzle has said. “I would say he’s at the top of Hip Hop, and if you wanted to push something to Black people that would be who you’d take anything through. Just because he’s powerful.” The rapper took offense at gay advocates comparing homosexuality a human sexual behavior to the Black struggle.

To put Jay-Z out there because of a song Macklemore & Ryan Lewis did is wrong. I mean Jay-Z is his own person and he makes judgment calls for himself. He doesn’t need the media to amp him up about gay rights. To each is own, I mean if Macklemore & Lewis wrote and rapped that song or any song that is the song they were feeling at the time. If Bizzle didn’t want these rappers to get notoriety, saying what he just said, just gave it to them. To place Jay-Z in the middle of it, I believe is a cowards way and he is also trying to get notoriety and before this news came out, I have never heard of Bizzle. Go figure, your name is out here now.