Chrissy Lampkin

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Chrissy Lampkin

Christine Lampkin was born in Harlem to African American and Cuban parents. Separated from her parents and raised by her grandmother, she developed a keen sense of self preservation and used her bright young mind to learn the ins and outs of street life. Her outgoing personality and quick wit led to a notoriety that eventually caught the eye of fellow rapper Jim Jones. Their romance blossomed quickly and soon they were inseparable. Realizing she has a talent for styling she commmitted to styling Jim and continues to be a positive influence in his professional life. Chrissy is actually 42 years old and rumors are surfacing now regarding her past relationships.

Chrissy’s past relationships are showing up now because of who she is. She dated a well known drug kig pin by the name of Alpo Martinez who ended up getting a life sentence for 13 homicides, one homicide included Rich Porter another Harlem drug kingpin who is also rumored to have been romantically involved with Chrissy. They made a movie, Paid In Full, where Cam’Ron plays Alpo Martinez. It was also rumored that at age 23 years old she had a romantic relationship with Jay-Z but neither will confirm or deny the rumor. It has to be some truth in that because neither will deny or confirm, its easy to just deny the rumors. Chrissy last boyfriend before Jim cheated on her with a well know video vixen. She decided to rob him for $32,000, she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime. He tracked her down with his crew and knocked her front teeth out. Chrissy is so quick to talk about other females on Love & Hip Hop in a negative way as if she doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet and now the skeletons are speaking up. What does Chrissy have to say about these rumors. She says she gets a lot of flack from women because they don’t know what her role is on the show and what her role really is with Jim. She is just a chick that was lucky enough to be around the movers and shakers and Jim noticed her. She hasn’t done anything to influence young women out here but act unlady like on Love & Hip Hop. It seemed as if she was never happy and no matter what Jim did or anybody else for that matter she was never satisfied. Some of that goes towards her past having to live with her grandmother and not her parents. But one thing is for sure, Chrissy Lampkins is not to be played with. She is about her business and about her man.

Per she is worth $200 thousand dollars, no where near the money Yandy Smith has. That piece of paper that says Bachelors Degree is why Yandy is more influential than Chrissy. It was rumored that Yandy and Jim were in a relationship but neither will deny or confirm the relationship. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they had something going on back in the day. The letter Yandy wrote in the 1st season told it all. Right now Chrissy is on a mention to come out with her own brand, Lady Vamp that will carry t-shirts, jewelry and perfume. She is also pregnant at age 42, her first and only pregnancy. We pray she has a successful pregnancy, Jim also has a son with another woman however, Chrissy does help raise his son Pudie. Chrissy may not have the education Yandy Smith has, but she has the street smarts needed in this industry and she definitely has that.

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    Journalists use to be bias, sounds like u r hating.