Braxton Family Values

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The season finale of Braxton Family Values recap, but fans can expect to see more of the sisters, as the show will be back for another season. It was Grammy night for Tamar, she was nominated for three Grammy awards. This was her first Grammy nomination in which she was nominated three times is outstanding. I love Tamar and Vince and prayed she would win a Grammy at least one. With changing hairstyle at the last minute she was slightly nervous. She looked gorgeous in her red dress. Unfortunately, Tamar didn’t win any Grammy’s but what she did win, was her dignity and validation she can sing. She was so sad after the award ceremony she didn’t want to leave her dressing for the after party her husband Vince threw for her. Eventually Toni was able to convince herto join the party and she pulled herself together and appeared at the party. She had a great night, her sisters were there to support her. Good job Tamar.

Vince hired Trina’s Bar Chix service to cater the Grammy party but they already had problems with there staff before the party. They were complaining about the motel situation and brown water. Once of The Bar Chix employee read right into Trina and she was surprised. She apologize because they were actually supposed to stay in better hotel, next time they will she did address her personal assistant, he dropped the ball. She was bale to smooth the women over. Trina was about her business regarding Bar Chix, she needs to make this work because she can’t sing.

Tamar through her husb Vince a party for his birthday and she decided to have Logan baptized with both parents officiating, but it got to cloudy they were both trying to do out do each other. i was glad it was over.

Already ready for the next season.