Blood Sweat & Heels

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Tensions are still high between the ladies on Blood Sweat and Heels it wouldn’t be summer in the Hampton’s without a good old-fashioned polo match, but polo isn’t the only game being played on this field. Brie doesn’t have any sympathy for Mica knowing she lost her dad and just because she wasn’t as close to her dad doesn’t mean the pain still isn’t there. In fact, I’m sure it hurts more because they weren’t close, nobody in this world can replace your dad. Brie feels as if she is better than everybody, how dare she say Mica needs an intervention for alcohol. Does she notice that Geneva has a drink in her hand all the times and she’s always turned up. Is there difference, if so why? These women should have compassion for Mica, she does drink a lot of wine but that doesn’t make her an alcoholic. She seems like she is a lot of fun, nothing wrong with drinking a little wine. She also a successful business owner, if she was an alcoholic she wo

uldn’t have her business. And if Brie was a real friend, she would understand Mica and be there for her since she has known her the longest. Mica’s outburst in the Hampton’s has all on opposing teams and with Daisy and Melyssa attempting to play referee, it only reinforces the riff.

Daisy had a special dinner for the release of her new book, “Never Pay Retail Again.” It was an elegant dinner with Mica and Melysaa there to support her. Daisy’s dad and step-mom arrived but, I don’t think her step-mom was happy or even excited to be there. Her dad was a proud papa and that was inspiring to see. We wish Daisy good luck with her book and we support her and Melyssa for having Mica’s back during this rough period in her life. Mica’s dad ashes arrived and it shook her up a bit, she has been strong throughout this difficult time. I wish the other ladies could see this and understand what Mica is going through. They shouldn’t be passing judgment on anyone, it’s not like there closet isn’t full of skeletons.