Blood Sweat & Heels

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Throughout the season of Blood Sweat and Heels, Mica former model has been accused of having a drinking problem by her fellow cast members. Mica denies the claims that she has an alcohol problem, saying, “If I had an alcohol problem I doubt that Bravo would put me on the show. They don’t cast alcoholics.” On last nights episode Mica was little tipsy at Brie’s family home in the Hamptons. I feel like they should have been a little more sensitive towards her because she lost her father. Mica is a good time and she likes to have fun and enjoy her friends. She is mostly hurt by Brie, because Brie didn’t look out for her and she has known Brie for quite a while. Mica did act ugly at her home and that was because she received no support from her “so called friends.” Demetria and Geneva were extra judgmental towards her without considering her dad passed away.

Daisy defended Mica saying, “I think it’s so offensive to call someone and alcoholic…the people that did label Mica that, I think they owe her an apology because I think it’s mean and really heartless. Melyssa Ford was also on Mica’s side, heck she likes to drink but Daisy and Melyssa weren’t with Mica in the Hamptons so they are getting two different stories. When the ladies met Brie for lunch, she was extra hard on Mica saying the only way she would continue a friendship with her, if she calls her and says I want to go to alcoholic anonymous. Not Bries decision, Mica has to make that decision and if she is really her friend, she would talk to her and listen to what she’s going through. I’m glad Mica has Melyssa aand Daisy on her side. Anticipating next weeks episode bewteen Brie and Mica.