Blood Sweat and Heels Recap

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Last nights episode of “Blood Sweat and Heels,” is always entertaining. Daisy style expert had an event for herself regarding her new book. She invited all of the ladies to her event to have fun and drink up.

However, Demetria is a prude and she is not inviting Mica to her blog anniversary party. I know Mica drinks but this isn’t Mica’s first and only time drinking. She has been drinking all along. I love Mica’s fun attitude, she’s not a stuck in the mud like Demetria, Brie and Geneva. Demetria is trying to be nice to Melyssa because she is giving back by mentoring children, she approached Demetria about her book club and invited her along. The ladies go to the book club, these kids are smart. I like how Melyssa admits her pocketbook is light and she has always owned who she is, you have to respect that.

Terry, Mica’s boyfriend is trying to get Brie to make up with Mica. Brie isn’t hearing any of it and wishes he would stay out of it. He needs to stay out of woman folk business, I understand that’s his girlfriend and he is concerned about her. Geneva needs to please stop, every time we see her she has drink in her hands and who said she was better than anybody else. Yes, I loved the analogy of Geneva and Wesley Snipes, I’m sorry but it was funny and she should leave it alone. Don’t these ladies realize, Mica just lost her father. Whether she was close to her dad or not, it doesn’t matter she is still affected by it. Mica’s true friends are Daisy and Melyssa, they have been there for her and they aren’t passing judgement on her..

Mica spilled a little drink on Daisy at Demetria’s event. There is Geneva, always around to say something foul. Why can’t we all just get along??