Beverly Hills Housewives

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills On tonight’s show Brandi confides in Kyle, while Carlton uninvites Kyle to her party and stated Mauricio was still invited. Who does that? Invite you to a party then unvite you. Carlton has some issues with Kyle and I’m not sure what the problem is. She takes things way to literal when Kyle is just a fun loving person. I do believe Cralton is a witch and she looks like a witch. Her personality is extremely messy and this fight with Kyle seems non-existent in Kyles world until she was uninvited to Carlton’s party.

Yolanda and her ex-husband Mohammed plans a birthday for daughter Gigi who is leaving for college. They seem to have a great co-parent relationship with three children.

I think the ladies have come to a conclusion about Lisa. Yolanda is upset with her for not showing up to the painting party. Kim is upset with her because she demeans her. Kyle has fully trusted Lisa after last years reunion show and Brandi is tired of Lisa mothering her. She believes Lisa used her because she and Kyle aren’t as close as they once were. Tonights episode was definitely filled with drama.