Being Mary Jane Recap

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Last nights episode of Being Mary Jane and Andre’s emotions hit an emotional place of ‘please replay that scene one more time.’ In an immediate accusation against Mary Jane, Andre reveals that through a friend, Mary Jane’s romantic dance moment with David, last week, was caught on camera. The emotions are strong between the two, before you know it, an argument and a few girly pushes and slaps from Mary Jane shows the reality of what this type of relationship really is.

The drama doesn’t end there, right in the middle of catching your breathe Mary Jane’s younger brother, Paul knocks at her door running from a drug bust that involved him selling drugs, on the side, for money. Running to his sister for cover, Mary Jane immediately begins to think about how her brother’s involvement with drugs will ruin her image. At the same time, Mary Jane’s father, Paul sits down with his older son, Patrick to confront him on relapsing to drugs, to which his father reminds him, if this drama continues in this house, there will be no revolving doors.

Being Mary Jane is a drama so real it affects daily lives. These are typical siatutions in most households. The drama filled show keeps you on your toes and anticipating the next move. We love “Being Mary Jane”