Basketball Wives LA

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“Basketball Wives: LA” returns with Jackie Christie head boss, or so she thinks bringing drama to the table again. She is a little too old to be hanging out with these ladies. I don’t see much in common with Jackie and the other ladies. Jackie is really good at getting into a person’s soul and using it against them. But as always she has her own issues to deal with and beginning with her daughter Chantel. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, so we as the viewers don’t really know what relationship she has with her daughter, but from what is aired it definitely appears to be a starined relationship and Jackie tries to seem as though tthey have a great relationship. I don’t agree with her showing Draya text messages between her daughter Chantel and Draya’s boyfirend Orlando. That is Chantel business and if she wanted Draya to knowI’m sure she would have been able to get in touch with her to tell her.

The three new cast members Sundy Carter, Brandi Maxiel and British Williams three returning cast members and a new level of pandemonium. The returning cast members returning Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Draya Michele.

Brittish Williams is a newest member to join the cast! Engaged to oversees basketball superstar, Lorenzo Gordon, Brittish is establishing herself in LA as a businesswoman and a future basketball wife. But this sassy shoe designer can’t seem to stay out of the drama and makes enemies faster than she does friends.

Brandi Maxiel, wife of player Jason Maxiell, joins the group through one of her best girlfriends, Malaysia Pargo. Brandi and her husband have moved their young family to Los Angeles in hopes of conceiving a second child. After recovering from ovarian cancer several years ago, Brandi is desperate for baby #2 and weary of her ticking time clock. Brandi is a strong beautiful woman who wasn’t afraid of cancer and her husband shaved his hair off for her, now that’s love and a real man.

Sundy Carter, a friend of Jackie, starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Scandal follows her, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Unfortunately for her, the secrets just don’t stop coming and her consistent support of Jackie lands her in hot water on more than one occasion. Charlotte Bobcats player Larry Hughes is the father to Sundy’s daughter Kennedy, however he is married. He has only met his daughter one time at first denying her, but that is why scandal follows her. Larry Hughes is currently married and Sundy was seriously dating Larry Hughes for over a year and never knew he was married. Now I don’t believe she didn’t know he was married, before she seriously got involved with him, its called google, she knew he was married. She either thought she could take him from his wife or a baby would make him leave his wife. They took trips together and she went to a majority of Wizards and Cavaliers games. He does pay child support, although the support has been inconsistent, he and Sundy are feuding now over payments, health care and Kennedy’s trust fund.

The new season begins with a surprising revelation. An ongoing love triangle with one of the cast members is exposed and causes major trouble for the ladies. Sundy became an internet tale earlier this year when she (or a hacker, so she later claimed) tweeted a picture of her 16-year-old daughter Deja having oral sex with the daughter’s boyfriend. It was supposedly payback for her daughter acting out and calling her a whore. There was also drama with her asking for help all over her social media networks when she believed her daughter had been “taken” by her daughter’s boyfriend (but was found a day later). Brandi Maxiell, wife of Jason Maxiell, is the one labeled “bougie” by her cast members. That’s okay with her though, she’s got her own perspective on life thanks, in part, to the fact that she’s a cancer survivor, which she says helped her mature pretty quickly.

Last night’s episode was epic, Ariane ex-girlfriend to Adrian Peterson professional basketball player has two children with him and they were together for eight years. Ariane confronts Draya about about her ex which was ridiculous, he is an ex for a reason. Draya says that it’s not Ariane’s place to ask about her previous relationship. Ariane was really passionate about Draya and her ex having sexual relations while they were together. Draya tells her she shouldn’t even be briinging this up it was six years ago but Ariane didn’t want to let it go. She has issues, first she

tells Jackie that she is on the fence about gay rights, but when the ladies meet it comes out she has been with women before. Wow, scripted I think so, its not that much drama in the real world.