Basketball Wives L.A. Recap

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Basketball Wives L.A. last nights episode was filled with drama, betrayal, backstabbing and hatorade. Within the first five minutes, Sundy revealed that Draya was a an exotic dancer in Philadelphia years ago. But, if I recall Draya let that part of her past go and she owns who she is. Why Sundy is bringing this up now when her and Jackie are supposed to be good friends, let’s you know what type of person she is. In fact, Sundy said she met Draya in Philadelphia on “all fours” and “dating for tips”, her alleged stage name “Miami”, according to Sundy. Wow, Sundy you would go there? An old a$$ b$tch who has how many children? Three, by how many baby daddy’s and your last child is with a NBA player who doesn’t acknowledge you or your daughter. He is married with four children himself, girl you have a lot of nerve talking about anybody and passing judgement on anybody. You can’t even control your own teenage daughter and if last nights episode with your daughter is how you raise her, no wonder she called you a h$e on twitter.

Jackie Christie couldn’t believe that Draya was a dancer. Quit playing Jackie, you told old for all this bullsh$t!!! Jackie is slowly setting all of these ladies up like she did with Laura, Gloria, Imani and Draya. She always does, nothing has changed about the old bitter b$itch. “Jackie got a plan for these girls, but I’m handling these “b***hes,” said Draya to Malaysia, its the same situation on every season with these ladies.

Malaysia met with Ariane while they were all assisting Jackie with her G.L.A.D. event and she asked Ariane about her issues with Draya. Ariane said that she and Draya have very “different interpretations of dating,” what, no you don’t. Ariane is just mad because Draya did her ex seven years ago and she is still f$cking him. Stupid, girl let go damn, that’s why these young girls right now do not know how to let go when they break up with a guy. You are the epitome of a sad black women holding onto grudges, if you were with that man when Draya messed around with him, one you should’ve been mad at him too, and two its time to let go, seven years ago boo damn, and he is with someone else so basically you’re doing to his new girlfriend what Draya did to you.

Brittish met up with Jackie to do a little shopping and of course, Jackie slick a$$ asks her about her problems with Brandi, Brittish says, “You come at me with a knife, I’m coming at you with a gun.” Brittish decides to invite all the ladies to her home for a Turkish Tea Party? What is that? Still don’t know even after watching the episode.

But chaos breaks loose at Brittish’s Turkish Tea party, starting with Sundy and Brandi’s argument. Last week, Brandi asked Sundy about the controversial social media picture with her daughter, and Sundy didn’t take the question well. Brandi went on the defense, raising her voice and Sundy got loud as well, with Draya telling Jackie that her new friends are crazy. But then, Brittish chimed in and went head-to-head with Brandi. Brandi tried to walk away with Sundy to discuss her issue but Brittish referred to Brandi as a fake “B$tch” before taking her heels off. But the two didn’t come to blows, almost though, screaming at each other before Brandi left the party. This teakish party whatever went left so fast, I don’t know why women can’t get a long. Most of these ladies are in the same boat and there is no need for hate or jealousy and I smell Jackie Christian all over.

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