Baller Paul George and Stripper Daniela

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Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George was allegedly in a relationship when, according to various media outlets, he offered to pay a stripper $1 million to abort their child. This week, it was revealed that the 23-year-old pro basketball player impregnated Daniela, a stripper and model from Miami.

“Daniela isn’t new to the world of ballers. She was rumored to have messed around with Lil Wayne in the past and can be found frequenting Heat games. Here’s where it gets messy. Daniela and George go back at least to over the summer of 2013, when they were spotted at a mansion party together,” George allegedly tried to get her to abort the child, but she obviously declined the money he offered. Two weeks ago, Daniela posted a photo on Instagram stating she’s having a girl. She is believed to be seven months pregnant.

Her pregnancy cannot be good news for George’s alleged girlfriend, Callie Rivers, the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers. She is also athletic, and played volleyball for the University of Florida before playing professionally in Puerto Rico. Neither she nor George has commented on the story.

This is not the first time in recent months that an NBA player has reportedly cheated on his girlfriend and gotten another woman pregnant. Wow to offer her $1 million dollars to abort the baby, why not use protection and these issues will not occur. It’s 2014 and adults are still not using protection, not to mention diseases also. When are people in general going to wake and protect themselves from situations such as these.