Bad Girls Club Battle Recap

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Last night on Battle Girls Club….fine chocolate milk Ray J announced there will be no more teams and now each person is responsible for themselves. Now the ladies thought at that time, it was a great idea especially Elease because there would be no more alliances, or so she thought. Ray J also announces on this challenge there will be a double elimination, two girls going home. That shook up the house and with $100,000 on the line, the ladies were already backstabbing each other and lying to each other. I have never been around a bunch of females who schemed on each other so much, but I guess money talks, bullsh*t walks.

Meghan ends up winning the challenge against big ass Shelley. Shelley is a big girl, but Meghan is also thick too and she wasn’t playing yesterday. She was the only player eliminated from being voted to go home . She held all the cards because she was also the one to put up two girls for elimination. Everybody scrambling around and scheming to stay in the game. Camilla was the first one to say to Nancy, ” I’m not kissing nobody butt, I don’t care about the $100,000 .” She knew Meghan was going to put her up, next thing you know Camilla is in the room with Meghan trying to get her to not put her up. Girl bye, Meghan already put you up in her head. She then goes to Elease and tries the same thing, mind you she beat Elease up early in this battle now she is scrambling to stay. Elease wanted to get rid of Camilla and this was her opportunity. Elease played the game smarter than Camilla. Camiilla did have some power of the girls she hung with especially Nancy because they have been getting closer and closer. In the bed together, Nancy sitting on her lap, kissing each other and naked in the pool together. Not to sure what that is about but I can tell you something ain’t right in the water.

Elimination night, Ray J appears looking fine as ever, with another bombshell. The ladies get to choose one more person for elimination, so three ladies will be put up and two will go home. Meghan wasn’t too happy about that because she already knew who she wanted to go home, Camilla and Rocky. Rocky is a beast and they should have gotten ridden of her a long time ago. The ladies all vote and Jenelle was the 3rd victim to be placed up for elimantion. Jenelle was very angry because she thought had people in her corner, again this is a game not a friendly game. I don’t know who in the world told Jenelle she looks good because she doesn’t, she looks like a giraffe, just saying. Needless to say the ladies vote and Camilla and Jenelle are eliminated. Why Rocky is still there I’m not sure, but I can tell you before Camilla and Jenelle left the stage, Camilla grabs Elease and beats the mess out of her again. This time Camilla really felt betrayed because she saved Elease twice before. Hey that’s the name of the

game, no friends in Bad Girls Club Battle, its money on the line.