Arian Foster sues Baby Mama

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Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has counter sued his baby mama, alleging she is waging a smear campaign to force him to pay her big bucks. Arian Foster’s defamation suit filed in Houston court alleges Brittany Norwood has used the unexpected pregnancy from their affair as part of an extortion plot has been reported.

Brittany Norwood has engaged in a campaign to damage the character and reputation of Arian Foster intending to extort monies from him, court papers read. Arian Foster 27, claims he has text messages and a recorded conversation to counter Brittany’s claim he attempted to bully her into aborting the baby. During the conversation, Brittany tells Arian he “never harassed me about abortion,” seemingly contradicting her own lawsuit. I don’t know why these pro athletes or male celebrities sleep with these women without a condom. It’s consequences to your actions when a condom is not used. He is married, he should have respected his wife and she should have also respected his marriage. Now this woman is pregnant; she knew exactly what she was doing getting involved with a NFL player and gets pregnant. I mean athletes do have brains right? Or is the booty that good all common sense go out the window. Now his wife has to deal this mess.