Are You The One??

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After just two episodes, I’ve gotten deeply invested in this show, and I can’t quite explain why. If a team of matchmakers told you that only one Bachelor contestant was scientifically compatible with you, wouldn’t that completely change the way you watched? That’s how it feels with Are You the One? This reality shows promises the cast members you that, yes, 10 of these couples actually do belong together. To me it doesn’t really make sense because they all have to choose a companion suitable for each other, however the show doesn’t indicate who is compatible so, how can they choose if they really don’t know who should be with who. $1 million dollars on the line but they have to all match by the tenth epsisode. Wow, carzy I like the show, I love the dynamicsepecially with Simone and white boy John. Simone is acting like a stalker when the machine has already said those two are not a match. She needs to move on but she can’t she wants to fight Shanley and for what, they are not a match.

Or do they? The first two episodes have proven that mutual attraction (they’re all beautiful, FYI) and surface connection don’t a perfect match make, and there is the guilty fun of the show. It’s as if The Challenge and The Bachelor had a weird but gorgeous, chiseled baby who only cries all the time. Anticipating the ending because you do get involved with these cast members and you hope for successful relationships. My favorites are Wes, Kayla and Chris Scali. Yesterday they brought ex’s on and yes they did dish everything about the ex’s making everyone very uncomfortable,

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