Amber Rose Throws Major Shots at Kanye West

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Amber Rose may have taken a shots at ex-boyfriend, Kanye West. Kanye dropped a remix to Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” which is almost everyone’s favorite song at the moment. This morning, Amber tweeted a vague yet seemingly obvious message about her favorite song. “F$ck my favorite song is ruined. SMH!! Terrific.” Damn I thought Amber Rose was over Kanye, quite a few people may not like him personally, but he always makes good music. Sounds like she is still holding on to some animosity to tweet that. Amber that wasn’t very nice, I don’t think Kanye cares about your opinion. Check out the video!

  • Javi

    If I was Wiz i’d feel some type of way

    None of my business though