Allegations of Lindsay Lohan Snorting Coke with Dina Lohan (her mom)

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Lindsay Lohan child actress has done a lot of things, but snorting lines of cocaine with her mother Dina Lohan is not one of them. After a commentator on FOX News recently claimed that Lindsay’s “mom is doing cocaine with her,” reports says that the actress had her attorneys send a legal letter to network head Roger Ailes demanding an apology and retraction . In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by a reliable source, Lindsay’s attorney Mark Heller notes that “on February 4, 2014, the FOX News Channel broadc asted a false, malicious, defamatory and reckless statement on the program entitled Great American Panel hosted by Sean Hannity.”

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Letter Here

“The outrageously slanderous and defamatory statement was made by FOX News Channel’s guest Michelle Fields,” Heller explained.

“During the show’s broadcast, she inappropriately and shockingly stated, unequivocally and as a matter of fact, that ‘Lindsay Lohan’s mom is doing cocaine with her’ – which statement is false.Making matters worse, Heller claimed, the comment was made as part of a show dedicated to “substance abuse in Hollywood and celebrity deaths,” and followed “a parade of dead celebrities.”

“Most disturbingly,” Heller wrote, “the Show and commentary seemed to maliciously foreshadow to the viewers that Commentators could ‘see it coming’ Lindsay Lohan might inevitably become the next icon to join the infamous obituary list.” Lohan, 27, has claimed she is sober after yet another stint in rehab last year, despite frequent sightings at nightclubs in the United States and abroad.

She’s previously admitted to doing cocaine “four or five times” before kicking the habit. Her dad, Michael Lohan, also previously accused her of doing cocaine with her mother, a claim which her attorney has insisted is a “falsehood.”

Who can believe whether or not Lindsay and her mom snorted coke. She is way past grown and I would hope that her mother wouldn’t but like I always say, its three sides to every story. Her dad, Michael Lohan, who believes anything out of his mouth. He had proven to be a deadbeat and a liar. I hope Lindsay continues with her sobriety so that she may have a long lasting career.