Yandy Reveals Marriage Not Legal To Mendeecees!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Yandy reveals to Mendeecees that she never mailed the signed marriage certificate and documents, therefore they aren’t legally married. He does not understand why she never mailed in the marriage certificate and what is holding her back from legalizing their marriage.

I am curious as well, however I believed Mendeecees understood that he and Yandy weren’t legally married. This revelation, if its true will destroy their trust and Erika will be waiting in the winds for Mendeecees. Its written all over her face that she is still in love with the father of their son. Yandy may push him towards her with this fake and phony sh$t. And please, Yandy quit referring to Mendeecees as your husband until you mail off the marriage certificate.

When Samantha and Erika learned that Yandy and Mendeecees weren’t legally married, the looks on their faces were priceless. Samantha couldn’t wait to call out Yandy as baby mama number three. I can’t be mad at her for feeling that way, Yandy throws up that ring and wife title anytime she can to get back at Erika and Samantha. However, I still like Yandy and I still feel like Samantha and Erika are two bitter baby mama’s who just can’t stand the woman who has their man.

Yandy claims her reason for not sending of the marriage certificate was because Mendeecees was going to prison and he has to pay restitution, she learned that she could have been responsible for his restitution by being his wife and she wasn’t going to be responsible for something she had nothing to do with. I don’t believe that is true and she should have spoken with a lawyer instead of somebody who doesn’t know the law. She was also afraid of Erika and Samantha coming after her coins for child support if she was married to Mendeecees.

Although, I understand her reasons, I don’t agree. Yandy needed to inform Mendeecees before she made a decision for them without his knowledge or approval. A marriage is two people, not one person and I guess that’s why these two aren’t legally married. Mendeecees was hurt and felt betrayed, he is locked up in federal prison and he finds out over the phone that his wife is not Yandy. He is also dealing with the bitter baby mama club while in prison, its just too much for him to handle when he can’t do anything about these situations.

Mendeecees slammed the phone down when he learned of Yandy’s betrayal and she was so fake with her responses to him. She sounded like she was tongue tied and maybe that’s why he was hurt. Erika and Samantha weren’t too off the grid when they spoke about Yandy but they way they are coming across, it makes you dislike them and feel for Yandy.

Right now, I feel for Mendeecees and the love of his children. Not too many fathers like him in the world and all he wants is to keep his children together but these hateful a$$ women only care about themselves.