Who Is The 1st Family Of Hip Hop??

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Who is the 1st family of hip hop? After establishing the first ever hip-hop record label and producing the first rap song that made history on the billboards with The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” the world will now get to meet the Robinson Family in a new docu-series, “First Family of Hip Hop.”

Sugarhill Records’ founder Sylvia Robinson who passed in 2011, helped chart the course of early hip-hop in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The trailer features clips from Season 1 and includes appearances from Robinson’s son, Leland Robinson, Sr., and his relatives—Darnell Robinson, Rhondo Robinson, Jr., Antonio Jordan, Lady Luck, Somaya Reece, Eseni Ellington, and Leland Robinson, Jr., who are torn on the future of the label.

Started in 1979, the record label was on the front lines of Hip Hop’s emerging culture thanks to The Sugarhill Gang’s Top 40 Hip Hop single, “Rapper’s Delight.” The label also released other songs like Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines” and “The Message.” However, the company doesn’t have the same industry reputation as it once did, and the new generation of the Robinson family is aiming to change that.

The next generation of the Robinson Family wants to get their label back into the public eye, with the Robinson brothers, sisters and cousins working with each other to return Sugarhill to the position it once carried.

This generation of young adults doesn’t have pride in working, they believe they are entitled and just because their grandparents or parents worked hard for the company, why should they? Just give them company and let them run it with no education or experience? This should be interesting, we get to witness this family in their prime. Can bring Sugarhill back to the top? Its been a number of years and the music industry has changed.

1st Family Of Hip Hop premieres on Sunday, Jan. 15 at 9pm on Bravo.