Who Is Lovely Mimi??

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Who is Lovely Mimi? Miyha “Lovely Mimi” Thi Luong has been added to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and we can’t wait to see how she interacts with the originals of the hit reality show.

Lovely Mimi is a social media star and in the episode she appears in, she is meeting with Joseline, the Puerto Rican Princess. So far, she gets along with Joseline, but she hasn’t met the real Joseline yet. However, we hear that Karlie Redd is not feeling Lovely Mimi but Karlie doesn’t feel any woman who may be competition to her. Karlie calls her a clown and says she needs to go back to the circus and she needs to tell Karlie to go home somewhere, find her man but do something besides being damn messy.

Lovely Mimi is a popular Vietnamese nail artist, she represents the DMV and went from a high school dropout to one of the most popular nail stylists in the world. Lovely Mimi has been working on her music career and she hosts parties around the world.

When Lovely Mimi dropped the N word in one of her videos, she says a group of people jumped her. The video shows Mimi discussing the use of the N word and she was beat up after she used the word so she apologizes and explains herself. Mimi is from a black neighborhood so she doesn’t think her use of the N word is a problem. She says she will stop using the word in her videos, it definitely got her jumped and she doesn’t want to relive that time in her life when she can just eliminate the use of the word. Yes, if you’re not 100% black, the N word is not an option for you even if you’re 50% black and if you have a black boyfriend. Now, her getting jumped, that was just too much, like she said, she would stop using the N word and she apologized.

We are looking forward to watching her on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and it will be very interesting to see how she interacts with the cast. They don’t like new blood especially if you look better and have something going on career wise.