Who Is BBWLA Newbie Bonnie?

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Basketball Wives LA newbie Bonnie-Jill Laflin appeared on last night’s episode of the hit reality show. Bonnie claims to be a model, an actress, a former cheerleader, a sportscaster, and the first female NBA scout in history. The first female NBA scout is a feat in itself, some of these ladies will not like her, she has way too much going on.

Bonnie was as a cheerleader for the Golden State Warriors and that’s how she got her start. The funny thing is, while in high school she made the Golden State Warriors but she wasn’t old enough, so her mom changed her birth certificate making it appear as if she was old enough and it worked. What mothers will do for their children. She also cheered for the San Francisco 49ers, she received a Super Bowl ring, and then the Dallas Cowboys. I didn’t know cheerleaders received rings when their team won the Superbowl, damn you learn something everyday.

Bonnie is definitely no dummy, while cheering for the Cowboys, she earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Texas. Even though she was a cheerleader, she made use of her degree by going to work for ESPN and KCAL. What’s the sense in having a degree if you’re not going to use it?

As a sportscaster, she ended up being a NBA scout for the Los Angeles Lakers. I wonder what made her transition into scouting and why she changed her career to a male dominated field? Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed that she was able to change careers and work as a scout. She is the first and only female scout in the league, today. Going into that field, she didn’t realize the scrutiny and the harassment she would have to deal with but, she stuck to her guns, it wasn’t easy but she it made it through.

Bonnie is dating former NBA star Kareem Rush who I have never heard of, but okay, the two have dated four years and she makes it known that she and the former Lakers didn’t begin dating until after he left the team. That’s what she says, I’m pretty sure they were creeping on the low low.

Now she has joined Basketball Wives and her boyfriend was apprehensive about her joining the show. When she met up with Shaunie on the second episode, I can’t see her mixing well with the likes of Jackie, Tami, Malaysia or Brandy. She will have to stand her ground and prove herself or she will be eaten alive.