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Wendy Williams VS TI



The queen of talk shows Wendy Williams and the King of Atlanta TI are beefing and this is the funniest sh$t ever. Wendy can always throw shade on everybody but when someone throws shade on her, she takes it personal, well this time she may have clapped back at the wrong someone.

TI posted bathing suit pics of Wendy and shared them on Instagram while the talk show host was in a bikini vacationing on a beach in Barbados. Now, I have to keep it real, Wendy looks a hot a$$ mess but if she loves the way she looks, that’s her prerogative but her husband should have told her to at least wear a cover up.

TI acknowledged the fact that Wendy always talks “sh$t” about him and others, which is true, he claimed he was being “respectful” when he posted the pics instead of joining the many negative comments she received on her Instagram about her body, at the end of the day, he realizes she’s an independent black business woman and he wasn’t going to tear her down.

However, Wendy didn’t see TI’s point of view as an attempt at defending her against the negative comments she received regarding her body. Wendy talks so much sh$t about people and their bodies, she doesn’t have the right to get upset, suck it up, laugh and move the f$ck on. She is looking for a fight, she took his words as being shady towards her figure, especially that flat a$$, but he wasn’t, she knows she’s flat in the back and she like it like that, if she didn’t she would have gotten that done just like she had her breast done.

“I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation. The paparazzi caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of behind,” she said. “I wanted to say ‘I could buy one like your wife and so many people have done,’” Williams added. “I could buy one any day. It’s flat.”

“I do this for work,” she noted. “I did the scene of pop culture. When it comes to being a good friend and holding a secret, you’re looking at her, believe it or not.”

TI Post on Instagram:

“Ok now as much shit as this sister talk about people… (Myself included) I know what y’all expect. But I’m not gon do the obvious & fye her ass up. NOPE!!! I’m gon be respectful because regardless of her flaws she’s still a independent black business woman that’s had to fight her way through life to get where she is. JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE JUDGES DAILY!!! But I’m gon try something new & different this time. Let’s see if the power of mercy moves her heart to not be so malicious & vindictive in the future when she’s speaking on the lives of other strangers when they’re going through their own PERSONAL tough times. That’s my approach… let’s”

On her show on Friday, Wendy decided to throw shade on TI, she said, “I wanted to say ‘I could buy one like your wife and so many people have done. I could buy one any day. It’s flat.” Tiny has always been open about her many plastic surgeries, but Tiny has nothing to do with whatever beef she has with TI and to discuss her negatively was wrong.

Wendy is also quoted as saying, “I’m not as shady as people think that I would be in real life. I do this for work. I did the scene of pop culture. When it comes to being a good friend and holding a secret, you’re looking at her, believe it or not.”

She’s needs to watch her own shows, she’s the queen of shade, she talks about everybody but that’s her job. You take the good with the bad and if her body is jacked up, it is what it is. It’s more sh$t today to be worried about than what someone says about your body and TI actually didn’t say a word, he posted a pic that she posted of herself first, now who’s at fault?

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Beyonce’ Is Performing At The Royal Wedding



Queen Bey is allegedly rumored to be performing at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple chose the right performer for their special day and I’m quite sure she is just as excited as they are.

This information comes from Palace, so somebody is snitching but at least its a good snitch. Beyonce’ has May 19 on her calendar, the day the couple are to get married. That could mean a couple of things, she could have been invited to the wedding or they could have asked her to perform for the wedding. Whatever the case may be this is such an accomplishment for Beyonce’.

A reliable source close to the singer says, “Beyonce’s planning a very special, surprise performance for the newlyweds,”. Knowing Beyonce’, I’m pretty sure its something spectacular.

According other reliable sources Queen Bey she is ecstatic, honored and excited to be a part of this fairy tale love story and it definitely is a fairy tale.

“Beyonce truly considers it a crowning achievement,” says the source. “She can’t wait.”

Its so beautiful to watch Prince Harry and Meghan together, this is a real live love story, not only that but the Prince also invited President Obama to the wedding, he is definitely down to earth. But where is Donald Quack Quack Trump’s invitation? Probably lost in the mail, he doesn’t need to attend anyway, his whack a$$ toupe’ may fly away.

Congrats to Beyonce’ and to Prince Harry and his bride to be Megan Markle.

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Stacey Dash Claps Back At Rich Dollaz



Former actress Stacey Dash claps back at Love and Hip Hop New York’s reality star, Rich Dollaz on Twitter. Can’t nobody tell me that Stacey Dash doesn’t like controversy. I believe she gets into these arguments with people on purpose so that she can remain relevant but the only thing she is doing is making a damn fool of herself.

The actress decided to clap back on Richie D and of course on Twitter and the fans went bonkers. She announced that she was running for congress, okay I’m so damned confused, what does she even know about politics? She reminds me of an air head, this is another attempt to remain in the public eye. Somebody needs to shut her down immediately, what qualifies her to run for congress? But I guess if we voted a reality star as the President, she can run from Congress.

This is what she tweeted:

“A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office. I wanted to see what my online community thinks of this idea as I mull the possibilities. Thoughts?”

“In response to numerous calls for me to run for office, I am considering a run for Congress. Would love to know what my fans and friends think.”

Rich Dollaz is no dummy, he’s college educated, he owns several businesses so he had to express his opinion to this delusional a$$ chick.

Rich tweets: “Your as dumb as the chick you played n Clueless, ohhh my bad that’s why that’s the only movie you booked because that’s who your really are.”

Stacey claps back: “When you spell “you,” correctly you can call me dumb.”

Is she serious? This is social media and we all use abbreviations, u or you it means the same thing dodo bird and that’s precisely why she needs to sit her a$$ down and shut her big a$$ mouth up!

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