Vivica Fox Gets Axed From “Black Magic”

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Damn, my mouth is still wide open from hearing about Vivica Fox being axed from her show already, “Vivica’s Black Magic.” I really believed in this show because there aren’t any black male strippers as a group, all we known are white male strippers in Vegas. She really had something with this idea and I hate she has been axed due to something she said.

Vivica has decided to open up about the remarks she made when discussing her stripper TV series that were perceived as anti-gay.

“I’ve been a FRIEND n supporter of the LGBT community for years! My intention was not to offend anyone and I’m woman enough to apologize if you felt that way,” Fox, 52, wrote in response to an Instagram comment saying that she was against her dancers performing for gays.

“My show has already been taped and I was just doing something for the ladies but all are welcome to enjoy Vivica’s Black Magic Show! It’s HAWT… I’m all about LOVE not HATE dawling! Have a blessed day,” she continued.

The accusations came after the beautiful actress and some of her dancers were asked if gay guys go to shows during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

“Hell no,” she said. “They dance for women… it’s called the ultimate girls night out.”

After the remarks, the show’s director and producer Jean-Claude LaMarre stated he wanted nothing to do with Vivica Fox, but would continue to work on the series. Well, I won’t watch the series without Vivica and if those dancers loved and supported her, they would walk out as well. However, I understand we are talking about careers and money. So I get it, this is a male show for women, that’s all she said, she didn’t even need to apologize.

But its okay for Donald Quack Quack Trump to make racists statements who is now our President but because this black women said her dancers will dance for women she gets fired? This world is backwards, if it doesn’t affect them they don’t care, but when it does affect them that’s when they want to show up and show out with the picket signs and the rallies.

“The comments were out of order, and it does not represent our attitudes toward the LGBT community. All are welcomed,” Jean-Claude LaMarre told TMZ. She must have offended him, maybe he’s gay but I’m sure she isn’t the first person to say anything about gay men, you need tough skin to be gay or lesbian or black or white.

“Vivica speaks for herself not the business or the show.”

It wasn’t like she said she hated gay men or she doesn’t want gay dancers, what she said, her show was the ultimate show for women. So from now on, make sure you are not referring to LBGT community when you are speaking, did anyone care when the word “nigga,” is used? Come on now, they doing too much, way too much.

“Vivica’s Black Magic” is a Lifetime reality series following Fox as she aims to put together a group of elite black male backup dancers.