Tyra Banks Not Happy W/Rita Ora!!

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America’s Next Top Model has been on air for 23 seasons and most reality shows can’t make it through the 1st season, let alone 23 seasons. Supermodel Tyra Banks is Executive Producer, she created this show which was her baby.

Tyra began her career in modeling at age 15, she broke barriers by being the first black woman to be on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazines. She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel and by the early 2000s, she was one of the top earning models in the world.

In 2003, Tyra created America’s Next Top Model, which she hosted for the first twenty-two seasons until the series cancellation in October 2015. VH1 picked up the show and tried to give it a new face with new judges as they hoped the series would do well on their network.

Now that America’s Next Top Model has been revamped and on a different network, she remained Executive Producer, but no longer hosts the show.

Tyra handed reigns over to Rita Ora for the 23rd season of America’s Next Top Model which aired on VH1, but according several sources, the former supermodel has not been happy with Rita Ora’s direction of the show.

A reliable source close to Tyra stated that she initially said that Rita is the “perfect” host for the series, the young songstress was not as ready for the position as Tyra had hoped. Bringing in new blood and removing herself from the show, she assumed the show would continue and ratings would increase and not fall. However, in the days of reality television, if it isn’t any fighting or drama, the show won’t survive.

When America’s Next Top Model began in the early 2000’s, it was as close to a reality show that we could get, now you have reality shows who are bringing the drama, fights etc.

I realize Tyra may not want her show to go down that road of fighting and drama filled nights but if she really wants her show to survive, she may need to amp it up just a tiny bit.

“There was hope that Rita would revive ANTM’s ratings” for the 23rd season, “but after a promising start, the numbers dwindled.”

When Tyra found out about the reason behind the down fall of ratings could be partially Rita’s fault, she was “sometimes unprepared,” said a reliable source close to Tyra who “was furious.”

I can’t say it was Rita’s fault why the ratings down spiraled, I used to watch America’s Next Top Model religiously, but when the other reality shows hit the air and they were drama filled, America’s Next Top Model was a done deal for me. I’m not saying Tyra has to go down that road, but I can’t see her blaming Rita for something she couldn’t control. Its Tyra’s show, not Rita’s.

A VH1 Rita is “a total pro” and they are “thrilled to have partnered with her.”